MLinkPlanner 1.2   Features


MLinkPlanner 1.2 Features Review (1080p HD). This video is a little outdated, a video with an overview of the new features will appear soon

Advanced GIS Features

Fully automatic generation of path profile with terrain elevation, tree height and height of buildings based on:


  • Global terrain elevation 1 arc sec (about 30 m) resolution SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data. Data sources: USGS EarthExplorer site

  • Global tree cover 1 arc sec (about 30 m) resolution data with tree canopy height information. Data sources: High-Resolution Global Maps of 21st-Century Forest Cover Change Published by Hansen, Potapov, Moore, Hancher et al. Department of Geographical Sciences University of Maryland and Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology

  • Global 3D buildings data from OpenStreetMap project database. Data sources: Our buildings database, which synchronizes every minute with the global OpenStreetMap database


All geodata are downloaded automatically as needed, there is no need to worry about preloading the geodata.


Moreover, you can edit an existing or create a new path profile manually.

The application allows use of any basemaps—both common (such as OpenStreetMap, OpenTopoMap, etc.) and custom.

Full-Featured Microwave Path Profile Analysis
Specular reflection in microwave link
diffraction in microwave
diffraction in microwave
Accurate PtP and PtMP Microwave Link Performance Analysis
  • Multipath fade probability calculation (Rec. ITU-R P.530-17)

  • Rain fading calculation (Rec. ITU-R P.530-17)

  • Error performance and availability calculation (Rec. ITU-R F.1668, Rec. ITU-R F.1703)

Coverage Study for Point-to-Multipoint Network

MLinkPlanner can perform radio coverage for PtMP systems with the different area study methods:

  • Received Power Studies at subscriber stations (downlink)

  • Strongest (Most Likely) Server

  • Carrier-to-interference+noise ratio C/(I+N) at subscriber stations

Appropriate Microwave Link Quality and Availability Objectives
  • Performance objectives based on ITU-R F.1668, Rec. ITU-R F.1703 recommendations

microwave link availability objectives
Support for any Equipment Configuration
  • Support for adaptive modulation

  • Support for frequency, space and quad diversity

  • Co-channel operation link calculation

  • Support for ASCII radio data file format *.raf used in Pathloss 5

microwave link availability calculation
Flexible Report
  • Short and full report

  • Report with integrated graphics - map and path profile

  • The report can be printed or saved in the formats Pdf, Microsoft Word or Excel

Microwave link availability report

Special Report for PtPM - Base Station Performance Summary provides a summary of the maximum usable modulation modes of all the PtMP Links for the Minimum Annual availability.

Coverage Report as a Web Page

MLinkPlanner allows you to create a coverage report as an interactive web page. Examples of such pages are listed below (open in a new window).