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MLinkPlanner 2.0 update 220118. Coverage prediction for outdoor Wi-Fi networks

Now you can make a coverage prediction for a Wi-Fi city-scale network taking into account the characteristics of the propagation environment along the streets and buildings parameters. This feature allows you to design outdoor Wi-Fi networks with public access on a city scale, large-scale corporate outdoor Wi-Fi networks, Smart City networks, and so on.

The coverage prediction is based on the combined propagation model ITU-R P.1238-11 + Diffraction. The Bullington model is adopted as the diffraction model.

This combined propagation model takes into account the following factors:

- Outdoor signal attenuation according to the selected outdoor environment

- Indoor signal attenuation according to indoor propagation environment for buildings

- Power loss when the signal penetrates inside buildings

- Diffraction loss on terrain roughness

- Building heights

There is an outdoor Wi-Fi project sample based on Ubiquiti Unifi UWB-XG outdoor access points among the project file samples.

More details are in the updated User Manual.

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