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Who We Are

Center of Telecommunication Technologies, LLC (CTT, LLC) Novosibirsk, Russia is the developer of the MLinkPlanner, RadioPlanner, and Antenna Pattern Editor software.


The company has been on the market for more than 18 years, and all this time we have been actively working in two directions - the design of radio communication networks and the development of software for design.

During our work, our specialists carried out projects on more than 1000 microwave hops, more than 800 base stations of mobile communication, more than 100 television and broadcasting transmitters. The customers - are mobile operators Mobile TeleSystems PJSC, Megafon, Vimpelcom, Tele 2, oil and gas production, processing and transportation companies, as well as broadcasting companies.


Since its foundation, the company has been developing specialized programs that help in the design of radio communication networks:


-  DRRL/MLinkPlanner (microwave link design);

-  RadioPlanner (calculation of radio coverage areas for mobile communication and broadcasting);

-  SanZone (calculation of biologically hazardous areas);

-  EMC Planner (calculation of electromagnetic compatibility);


In this software, developers are investing their entire experience in designing real-world radio networks. Being recognized experts in this field, our experts author the textbook for high schools "Basics of designing digital radio relay communication lines"


Until recently, we offered software only in the Russian market. Many design organizations, system integrators, telecom operators, TV and radio broadcasters, and government agencies have been the licensed users of our software products.

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