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Indoor RadioPlanner 1.0

Wi-Fi and other Indoor Wireless Networks Planning

Indoor RadioPlanner is designed for planning indoor wireless networks deployed inside buildings, as well as in open local areas. It is mainly intended for designing Wi-Fi networks in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands, but it can also be used to design any indoor network in the 150 MHz - 7.5 GHz frequency range, including indoor 5G (NR) / LTE / DECT / GSM / P25/ DMR.

With Indoor RadioPlanner, you can design Wi-Fi networks of any scale - from a small office to a large multi-story building.

Main Features

1. Coverage prediction according to the ITU-R P.1238-11 propagation model “Propagation data and prediction methods for the planning of indoor radiocommunication systems and radio local area networks in the frequency range 300 MHz to 450 GHz”.

2. Floor plans:

-  Support for CAD files in DWG / DXF formats

-  Support for raster images in popular formats: PNG, JPG, BMP

3. A simple built-in editor that allows you to quickly create a structural model of a building using various types of walls and RF Zones.

4. Customizable attenuation for different types of walls

5. Support for multi-story buildings

6. Fast access point configuration

7. Prediction types:

-  Signal Level

-  Best Server

-  Number of APs

8. Increased detail and high speed of calculations due to algorithm optimization and parallel computations across multiple processor threads.

9. Planning for two Wi-Fi frequency bands

10. Reports available as PDF documents or images

11. Interface languages: English, Spanish, Russian


All these features make Indoor RadioPlanner a powerful tool for planning Wi-Fi networks.

Indoor RadioPlanner 03.png

Wi-Fi heatmap

Indoor RadioPlanner 02.png

Wi-Fi Number of APs

Indoor RadioPlanner 05.png

Wi-Fi heatmap

Indoor RadioPlanner 04.png

Wi-Fi Best Server

Indoor RadioPlanner 07.png

WiFi heatmap on the office building ground floor

Indoor RadioPlanner 06.png

WiFi  best server on the office building ground floor

Indoor RadioPlanner 01.png

Wi-Fi design tool

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