EMF Planner 7.0

Tool for EMF exposure modelling and analysis 

EMF Planner is a simulation software designed for the modelling, analysis and visualization of  electromagnetic field exposure from any radio transmitter - base stations of any standard, TV and radio broadcasting stations, satellite earth stations, PtP, PtMP, Wi-Fi, etc.

EMF Planner is an internationally adapted version of our SanZone software that we have been developing for over 20 years.

The software is intended for users involved in the design, operation and supervision of transmitting radio facilities.

Main Features:

  • Calculation of electromagnetic field level by point source method according to Recommendation ITU-T K.70 (2020) Mitigation techniques to limit human exposure to EMFs in the vicinity of radiocommunication stations;

  • Calculation and visualization of EMF exposure areas in horizontal and vertical planes;

  • Calculation of electromagnetic field levels at control points;

  • Convenient interface that allows you to quickly enter the parameters of many radiating sources;

  • Choice of many exposure limits recommended by different countries and organizations;

  • Reports on the electromagnetic field and the total exposure in graphical and tabular form;

  • Accounting for the calculation of terrain and buildings;

  • Using maps from OpenStreetMap, Google, Bing and other map services as a base map;

  • If necessary - easy and visual calibration of the custom base map in any image format;

  • Import of a 3D plan model in vector format from the OpenStreetMap project database with buildings height information.

  • Quick creation of a terrain model from an automatically loaded Digital Elevation Model (DEM);

  • Built-in editor of vector objects (buildings, labels, contour lines and terrain elevations);

  • Generation of a full report according to a custom Microsoft Word template;

  • Export to DWG/DXF AutoCAD file

  • Greater computing speed due to optimization of the algorithm and the use of streaming calculations. Calculations are distributed among threads, which makes it possible to perform computing 4-24 times faster (depending on the number of threads supported by the processor).

  • Using MSI Planet and NSMA antenna pattern files;

  • Built-in automatic unit converter between W, mW, dBW, dBmW

  • EMF visualization in 3D, export to an interactive 3D pdf file;

3D visualization.png
Vertical Cut.png
Calculation for one exposure limit for different heights.png
Radiating Sources Menu.png
Antenna Locations.png