Antenna Pattern Editor 1.1

Free Tool to View, Generate, Edit and Convert Antenna Patterns

Antenna Pattern Editor is a free universal tool to view, create, edit and convert antenna patterns. The main idea embedded in the program is to provide the user with the opportunity to quickly create an antenna pattern file using various methods.

Antenna pattern file is a simple text or xml file that describes the main characteristics of the antennas - radiation patterns, gain, frequency range, name, manufacturer and other data. These files are used in various radio planning tools including our RadioPlanner and MLinkPlanner.

There are a large number of antenna pattern file formats, but it often happens that there is no file in the required format. In this case, using the Antenna Pattern Editor, you can easily convert the file to the format you need.

Sometimes the antenna information is just a picture of the antenna pattern. In such cases, using the Antenna Pattern Editor, you can prepare the necessary file in just a few minutes. Thanks to the simple graphical interface, as well as the applied cubic spline interpolation algorithm, you can get the desired file by pointing only a few characteristic points on the downloaded image. You can use images of any raster format - png, jpg, bmp, tiff.

Using the Antenna Pattern Editor, you can edit, transform, normalize the antenna pattern, as well as a number of other functions described below.


-    View 2D antenna patterns in linear and logarithmic scales
-    View text information from antenna pattern file
-    Generation vertical and horizontal antenna patterns

-    View 3D antenna patterns in linear and logarithmic scales
-    Creation an antenna pattern from the picture (digitizing)
-    Perform various transformations of antenna pattern (rotation, mirroring, normalize, etc.)
-    Creation of antenna patterns on various reference models
-    Antenna pattern report in Word, Excel, and PDF
-    Export antenna patterns to various formats
-    Calculation of the width of the main lobe in the horizontal and vertical plane, as                           well as the  electrical tilt of the antenna
-    Batch convert antenna pattern files between formats


Supported antenna pattern file formats:

-    MSI Planet (*.msi, *.pla, *.pln, *.ptn, *.txt, *.ant)
-    Radio Mobile V3 (*.ant)
-    NSMA WG16.99.050 (*.adf *.dat *.nsma *.nsm *.txt)
-    TIA/EIA-804-B (*.adf)
-    EDX (*.pat)

antenna pattern editor 02_1.png
antenna pattern editor 03_1.png
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antenna pattern editor 07_1.png