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1. We have added the ability to take into account the antenna pattern file at the Mobile unit (UE). This opens up great opportunities for the design of fixed wireless access (FWA) networks. The use of directional antennas on the CPE significantly reduces interference from neighboring cells and, as a result, increases CPE throughput. Now this only works for Mobile Unit 1 (UE1), we will soon make it possible to select Mobile Unit 1 (UE1) or Mobile Unit 2 (UE2) to predict interference and throughput.

2. Added the ability to calculate FCC and ITU-R contours for all types of transmitters.

More details in the updated User Manual.

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1. Added Noise-Adjusted Faded Performance Threshold Calculator. A very necessary thing for public safety networks operating in VHF.

2. Added calculation of the RSRP level for the second UE (CPE). This is useful for fixed wireless access networks.

3. Improved software stability.

More details in the updated User Manual.

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The update expected by many users has been released. You can now generate reports on network configuration, propagation model, area study type, and so on.

More details in the updated User Manual.

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