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Antenna Pattern Editor 1.1

Download our new software Antenna Pattern Editor 1.1 - it's a free antenna pattern viewer, editor, digitizer, and pattern file convertor.


- View 2D antenna patterns in linear and logarithmic scales

- View text information from antenna pattern file

- Generation vertical and horizontal antenna patterns

- View 3D antenna patterns in linear and logarithmic scales

- Creation an antenna pattern from the picture (digitizing)

- Perform various transformations of antenna pattern (rotation, mirroring, normalize, etc.)

- Creation of antenna patterns on various reference models

- Antenna pattern report in Word, Excel, and PDF

- Export antenna patterns to various formats

- Calculation of the width of the main lobe in the horizontal and vertical plane, as well as the electrical tilt of the antenna

- Batch convert antenna pattern files between formats

Supported antenna pattern file formats:

- MSI Planet (*.msi, *.pla, *.pln, *.ptn, *.txt, *.ant)

- Radio Mobile V3 (*.ant)

- NSMA WG16.99.050 (*.adf *.dat *.nsma *.nsm *.txt)

- TIA/EIA-804-B (*.adf)

- EDX (*.pat)

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