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RadioPlanner 3.0

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

We are glad to present the new RadioPlanner 3.0

New Features in RadioPlanner 3.0:

1. Now you can perform calculations for several networks in one project. Joint calculations for several networks are provided - Number of Servers and Maximum Aggregated Throughput.

2. LTE and 5G (NR) network planning. Accounting for various MIMO, SDMA, and fractional frequency reuse (FFR). Added new coverage prediction types: RSRP, RSRQ, and the maximum throughput.

3. Planning of simulcast land mobile networks. Added calculation of the delay spread of the received signal.

4. Added the ability to use a custom digital elevation model (DEM) and custom clutter. Display all geodata on the map.

5. Possibility of dividing base stations into groups (clusters). This allows you to perform calculations separately for different network segments.

6. Additional propagation models: Okumura-Hata and 3GPP TR 38.901. The full list of propagation models is now as follows:

  • ITU-R P.1812-6

  • ITU-R P.1546-6

  • Longley - Rice (ITM) v1.2.2

  • Okumura - Hata

  • 3GPP TR 38.901

  • Combined ITU-R P.528-3 + P.526-14 (for Ground-to-Air Radio only)

7. Added new types of calculation. The full list of prediction types is now as follows:

  • Received Power (downlink and uplink)

  • Best Server (downlink and uplink)

  • Areas with Signal Levels above Both the Base and Mobile Threshold

  • C/(I+N) Ratio (downlink and uplink)

  • Maximum Throughput (downlink and uplink)

  • Maximum aggregated Throughput (downlink and uplink)

  • Number of Servers (downlink and uplink)

  • Coverage Probability (downlink and uplink)

  • RSRP

  • RSRQ

  • Simulcast delay spread

  • Received Power with Simulcast Interference

8. Added Legend with the output of general network parameters, parameters of the selected propagation model, parameters of the current prediction, and some calculated values at the point.

9. Saving calculation results for individual base stations into one common KMZ file.

The user manual and a trial version are available on the RadioPlanner 3.0 webpage.

Coming soon:

  • Output the uplink/downlink Rx levels calculation result of IoT end devices to a spreadsheet

  • Predicting signal levels along a specified route

  • Coverage prediction within the specified area

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Unknown member
Aug 18, 2023

Kindly add import sites from excel document please please please,

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