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RadioPlanner 3.0 Light Version

Introducing RadioPlanner 3.0 Light version for just $99 for a one-year license or $199 for a three-year license (excluding VAT). The software is already available on the purchase page.

In the RadioPlanner 3.0 Light version, you will have access to all the features of the full RadioPlanner 3.0, the project file format is also compatible. The only difference from the full version is that a project in RadioPlanner 3.0 Light cannot contain more than three base station sites.

If you need to get coverage from one to three LTE/5G base stations, LoRaWAN BSs, VHF/UHF public safety BSs, BSs for precision agriculture systems, TV and radio broadcasting transmitters, or BSs for communication with UAVs, then the RadioPlanner light version will be sufficient for your work.

All new features that will appear in the future in the main version of RadioPlanner will also appear in the Light version.

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