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RadioPlanner update 2.1_200925

1. Added the ability to compare two coverage study results.

2. Added the ability to take into account the Rx threshold level for all coverage study types.

3. Added calculation uplink/downlink Rx power for a set of sensors with parameters specified in the Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. The result is also open in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV. It is a useful tool for estimating the uplink/downlink when placing LoRa, SigFox, and other IoT end-devices in different conditions.

4. Added a coverage area calculation in sq. km for different Rx power levels.

5. Added contour calculation according to ITU-R P.1546-6 for broadcast transmitters.

6. Optimized coverage save to the KMZ file, the saved file has become smaller.

7. Optimized export of all types of reports to Excel, now files open instantly.

8. A number of minor fixes and additions have been made.

More details in the updated User Manual.

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