Respected broadcasting expert Doug Lung has published a brief overview of RadioPlanner in the latest issue of IEEE Broadcast Technology magazine. This journal issue is currently open for reading. Continued in the next issue of IEEE Broadcast Technology magazine.

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Spanish language for the user interface has been added.

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Now you can make a coverage prediction for a Wi-Fi city-scale network taking into account the characteristics of the propagation environment along the streets and buildings parameters. This feature allows you to design outdoor Wi-Fi networks with public access on a city scale, large-scale corporate outdoor Wi-Fi networks, Smart City networks, and so on.

The coverage prediction is based on the combined propagation model ITU-R P.1238-11 + Diffraction. The Bullington model is adopted as the diffraction model.

This combined propagation model takes into account the following factors:

- Outdoor signal attenuation according to the selected outdoor environment

- Indoor signal attenuation according to indoor propagation environment for buildings

- Power loss when the signal penetrates inside buildings

- Diffraction loss on terrain roughness

- Building heights

There is an outdoor Wi-Fi project sample based on Ubiquiti Unifi UWB-XG outdoor access points among the project file samples.

More details are in the updated User Manual.

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